Join us for Summer Course on RNA Protein Interactions!

September 17–21, 2018 at CEITEC Masaryk University, Brno


This course is focused on basic and advanced methods to study RNA biophysical and functional properties. RNA is a central molecule of all living organisms. It is an extremely versatile molecule that can function as an information storage and transfer device, an enzyme, a regulator of gene expression, or a cellular scaffold. New types of RNAs with new functions have been discovered. 

Knowledge/skills to be gained in the course

Lectures will focus on the most up to date discoveries in the RNA field, such as the role of noncoding RNAs. The practical part will allow students to learn various approaches to study RNA function, such as RNA quantification, protein-RNA interaction, etc. Thanks to expert lectures, PhD students will become aware of this progress and will gain a complete view of the integral nature of RNA in all branches of the life sciences. In this block course, students will learn several approaches to study RNA structure and function, techniques actively used in on-going research projects in the research groups of Dr. Vaňáčová and Dr. Lukavsky. In addition, the course includes specific lectures that provide the theoretical background for the experimental work, as well as exercises and literature work.

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